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Infusions of gamma globulin

The importance of gamma globulin

Infusions of gamma globulin

Gamma globulin is that part of the body that is needed in its defense against unwanted elements that might destroy the body. Gamma globulin is also known by the longer name, immunoglobulin. The word can give a clue that it has something to do with the immune system of a body. Gamma globulin infusions are done so that the body will have a lot of anti bodies to combat a lot of diseases. Infusions are used by doctors if the patient does not have the necessary globulin in his body. It is also used to replace what has been lost such as red blood cell, white blood cells, and plasma. Sometimes, the body’s antibodies malfunction. Antibodies are known to neutralize the threats against the body. They have their own way of determining which ones are threats and which one are not. However, the antibodies might attack its platelets. This abnormality can be cured by gamma globulin infusions.

Side effects from a Infusions of gamma globulin

Gamma globulin infusions can have serious side effects. A patient who has undergone gamma globulin infusions has the tendency to overdose. This is what doctors are trying to avoid. A person who has overdosed might at first feel that his chest is being tight. After that his face would be red which is accompanied by a lot of sweating. Dizziness might occur and this would trigger vomiting. If a person suffers from these, the possibility is that he is already suffering from overdose. If this thing happens, a doctor should be called immediately. Older persons are not advised to take globulin infusions. It is only recommended under the advice of a doctor. It is because some researchers and scientists say that older people might suffer stroke or heart attack. Stroke or heart attack could not be associated directly with infusions. However, these infusions might present certain risks factors. These risk factors are the one which trigger stroke or heart attack. One of the risk factors is hypertension which is associated with the blood.

Stroke, which can be suffered by a patient, is a disease where the brain loses some of its functions. It is because the blood supply that goes up directly to the brains has experienced some abnormalities. These abnormalities might be the reduction of blood flow to the brain. It might be that something is blocking the passageway. Also, another reason might be hemorrhage which is the increased flow of blood towards the brain. If this happens, the brain will be affected. The brain is known to control the different parts of the body. A brain that is not functioning might paralyze some parts of the body such as certain limbs or fingers. Also, a person who suffers from stroke might not be able to say something because some parts of the bran have stopped functioning. The common factor that encourages stroke in a person is high blood pressure.

Another thing that a person might suffer from is heart attack. The causes of heart attack are somewhat similar to the causes of stroke. The only difference is that stroke affects the brain and the heart attack affects the heart. The cause of heart attack would be the interruption of blood that is flowing towards

the heart. If blood does not reach the heart, the cells in it may die. It might also be because the arteries have been blocked by unwanted fats. White blood cells could also pile up in the walls of the arteries. This causes the blockage of the blood. A person might experience symptoms that would lead to heart attack. These symptoms include the tightening of the chest. Another symptom would be the increased rate of palpitation. A person who might experience heart attack would probably be drenched with
sweat. However, it might be too late for a person to call for help since heart attacks strike fast on the person.


Before gamma globulin infusions could take place, a person is required to take medicines so that it would aid in the process. This is in order to prepare the body for the operation. As far as the energy level is concerned, a person can experience a sudden change in the supply of energy. Infusions are really great and are recommended to people who have immunity deficiencies.


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