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High Globulin Levels

High Globulin Levels all you need to know

High Globulin Levels

Globulin is a type of serum proteins that are found in the body. Protein is made of long chains of amino acids. Globulin is produced by different parts of the body. One of the body parts that produce globulin is the liver. The liver is an essential part of the body because it detoxifies it and eliminates the waste. Without the liver, the probability of a person surviving would be small. Livers are also important because it produces globulin in the body.

Blood Serum Globulins are usually found in blood plasmas. Plasmas are part of the blood and compose about fifty five percent of its totality. The plasma is composed mainly of water and it also includes other things such as glucose, mineral ions, and globulin. The blood serum has similar characteristics with the blood plasma but the only thing is that the fibrinogens are not present in the serum. A serum does not contain any cells such as red and white blood cells.

The effect of high globulin level

Globulin is produced in the body for a specific reason. Therefore, too much of it would be harmful to a person. It is because too much of something is bad for the health. If a person has high globulin levels, it might mean that he may experience the following occurrences.

The most probable thing that a person might experience is chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction of the body to certain things that might irritate it. It is the action of the body to combat the things that might harm the body. Without inflammation, repairing the damages in the body would not be possible. There are a lot of diseases that can be considered as chronic diseases. One of these diseases would be a sickness which is called, Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, or TB, is a deadly chronic disease which can be ignited by high globulin levels. There are many people around the world which are infected with this. This disease is an airborne disease which means that it could be spread through the air. A person can spread disease just by simply sneezing or coughing. Fifty percent of the people who experience tuberculosis die because tuberculosis is very difficult to cure.

High globulin levels could also make persons infected with a disease called leukemia. Leukemia is thought to be cancer of the lungs but the truth is that it is a type of blood cancer. Leukemia is detected when there the production of white blood cells has increased. This type of disease is usually found on adults since only few children experience this.

Another thing that a person with high globulin levels might experience is autoimmunity. Autoimmunity is very lethal to the body. The body has a great immune system in which it combats all the foreign elements that may do some serious damage to the body. A person with strong immune system has low risks of acquiring disease. However, with the disease called autoimmunity, the immune system would not recognize its components as part of its structure. Therefore, it attacks itself. A person who has autoimmunity not only has a weak immune system but a dysfunctional one as well.

High globulin levels can also mean the development of carcinoid syndrome in the body. This syndrome produces other complications like diarrhea and flushing. Flushing is known to occur when a person’s face become red because of the increased activity
Conclusion of blood in the body. This is somewhat similar to blushing. Diarrhea is very common among people since almost everyone experience it a few times in their lives. Diarrhea is characterized by the fast progression of the bowel system. This means that a person who suffers from diarrhea has to take about four or five trips to the toilet in a day. Diarrhea could be common however it can pose a serious threat to humans especially infants. It is because diarrhea causes dehydration in the body. Therefore a person who has diarrhea is always dehydrated. Dehydration causes the death of millions of people every year.

These are the things that a person needs to know about high globulin levels. To avoid this, a person is recommended to go to the doctor for protein tests to determine the amount of globulin in his blood.



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  1. pranab mondal says:

    hallo sir i had Gynocomastia serjary 20 months back, after 2 days of serjary i had some problems like 4 to 5 times a stool a day, after 6 month i have some problem like heal pain, burning skin, lips are dry not mouth(after taking meal & in the midnight),urin smell( i dont know from where it is coming), itching (some times), During serjary i took medicine AUGPEN(1000 MG), before serjary i had some deases like ACIDIDITY, DYSENTRY, BUT NOT LIKE 4 OR 5 TIMES STOOL A DAY! then i did liver finction test its result like this

    Serum total protein 7.98 g/dl
    serum Albumin 4.10 g/dl
    serum Globulin 3.88 g/dl

    Albumin : Globulin ratio 1.05:1

    is their any serious health problem?

    After taking some medicine(homiopathy) its little bit cure but now 20 months is over till now i have some problem like , itching, burning sensation( 1 or 2 day per week), heal pain( genaraly after walking) stool problem with mucus ( 2 times day). hands and face some times is hot, please sir help me.

    Some problem happen after serjary in the hospital : ( on that day i could not sleep properly, next day of serjary i felt severe burning sensation whole body, after drinking some cold soda water i felt good at the hospital)

    please suggest me some medicine!

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